How can I get this guy to talk to me again?

i met this guy through a friend and chatted a few times on nights out. we have kissed each other a few times and one night during a friends birthday party we were both got a bit drunk and ended up sleeping together. he use to send me messages on Facebook asking me am I going out. but sometimes on nights out he ignores me. I met him out on two separate nights out and he never spoke to me. he spoke to everyone else in the group and completely blanked me even though he sent me a message on Facebook earlier that day asking me am I going out. he also sent me a text message one day asking me when is he going to get another kiss and asking me if I wanted to meet up for fun or go for a drive with him and telling me we can sleep together again sometime if I'm interested. I have often sent him a few messages on Facebook chat that he never even bothered to respond to. he flirts with other girls right in front of my face and sometimes kisses them. He's no different with anyone else it's just me that seems to be the problem. and its not like he's shy or anything. just a few days ago he removed me from his friends list on Facebook for no apparent reason. I sent him a text message a few days ago asking him is there a problem and he hasn't bothered to respond back.


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  • He is interested in your body.Not you.Just move on and find someone who respects you :) All izz well!


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  • He sounds like this guy I know haha! but what he doesn't respect you anymore. He is using you just for when there is no one else around. You let him Have everything he wanted from you before he had to commit. So he thinks you'll always just be around when he needs you. The best advice is to ignore him and when he tryes to message you and stuff ignore him completely and show him you don't need him:P. When he asked to go out sometime tell him your busy. As stupid as it sounds if he really likes you he will see it as a challenge and go after you. Just don't give yourself us so easily this time:)