I miss him so much, what should I do?

I'm gonna shorten it up: OK so me and my best friend who is a guy don't hangout or talk anymore. He just started hanging out with these other girls who are fake for no reason. He had liked me for a while but I never liked him. This year we did everything together and so I started king him but he never knew or anybody else. I thought I could get over it by now that months have passed whenever I see him I get so sad and I think about him all the time! Ugh what do I do?


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  • email or message him...he might be feeling the same way. Go meet him somewhere and have a coffee or something:)

    • I still see him everyday at school

    • well tell him you want to hangout with him like before...and go do something alone:)

  • Start talking to him again?

    • He's always with these fake people whose lives ar drama.