Is there is really a rule that guys should not date their friends sister?

So my guy friend is really worried at the moment because he has been crushing on his friend's sister and well they are quite close and pretty much today, my friend finally had the guts to tell him that he likes his sister.

At first his initial reaction was happiness but as my friend told him "I wanted to tell you first before I tell her". He became quiet after this and now things seem weird between them.

What I'm asking is that, what kind of things is it that guys don't like their friends dating their sisters?


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  • There are a few issues at play, here.

    First, most guys know that their sisters are sexually active (even if it's only fooling around, or even just kissing). They also know their buddies do the same. However, most have a problem with the mental image of the two combined, especially since many guys hang onto the notion that their sister is a saint.

    Second, when guys are out, they like to complain about their girlfriends, if they're being too whiny or stuck up or whatever. Again, most guys take offense when a buddy is talking about their sister, saying "I love that chick, but she's being such a bitch!"

    And of course, the break-up. This presents two problems. If the breakup is anything less than perfectly amicable, one or both of the sides are going to complain about the other. Now the brother has to listen to his sister badmouth his friend while listening to his friend badmouth his sister. And of course, there's the problem that the now-ex-boyfriend faces. Guys are protective of the girls in their life, ESPECIALLY their sister. Brothers like to use The Ten Rules For Dating My Daughter ( link ), particularly Rule Six. If you make her cry, I will make you cry.

    I'm not saying it's fair, but those are some of the things that go through the mind of a brother when his sister is dating a friend, or the mind of the friend when he's interested in a buddy's sister. If he's going to make a move on her, he'd better have absolutely noble intentions, or there will be hell to pay.


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  • think of it as if it were your brother. you wouldn't want him getting hurt, right? cause then it can create awkwardness if that happens.


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  • Initial reactions are 'hey cool, two people I like enjoy each others' company!' then reality sets in when you realize you might get caught up in a lot of drama and it might f*** up a lot of relationships if not dealt with carefully.

    I know when my sister got engaged she was really rooting for me to get with her fiance's brother. Now that she is married she is a loooot more hesitant and uncomfortable with the idea.

    Is it worth or not? Eh, I don't know, I'll have to get back to you on that.