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Side effects of being beautiful? am I forever gonna be alone 😢?

  • Sometimes I appreciate it sometimes I feel it’s a curse but who wants to be ugly? I don’t wanna be ugly, is being ugly is the only way to get out of these side effects? 😢 I don't know how2 explain everything in 2k words so I will just right down few points

side effects :1) I don’t have single female friend because girls feel jealous and inferior and starts competing with me
2) boys don’t wanna get2 know me, all they see is outer appearance
3) boys have said to me before bunch of times that they don’t want too beautiful girl because they will have to constantly protect beautiful girl
4) am virgin, never even had been in relationship nor have even kissed but yet people love2 spread rumours about me out of jealousy, they say I am sl** & all words you can think of (😔)
5) everyone think I can get boy so easily not it ain’t true😢they also think I might be already in relationship which ain’t true either and if I approach guy he starts to gush about it&wants to be with me just to make others jealous
6) last but not least because of all these things I have become arrogant&i have remained very naive about intimacy, people have problems there2, they call me 2innocent or say that I am faking innocence, I am sweet mature&love to help others yet no1 wants to be with me😢 &mainly I am not in this hook up culture I want love but I have been heartbroken 2many times 😔
questions :1) so guys are you really not willing to protect beautiful girl?
2) can you not teach naive girls things and get to know her mentally and emotionally too without wanting to take advantage of her?
3) can you understand she is not arrogant but she gets bunch of proposals everyday so she is overwhelmed?
4) how do I survive in this hook up culture?
13 d
I don’t wear skimpy clothes either yet I am misunderstood 🥺 ... currently I ain’t doing good career wise either, am tired of all bullying &jealousy 😢, I am not saying my all life problem is because of beauty but me not having friends is definitely this reason, no boy wanna friend zone me they constantly simping (even creepiest ones😣) it’s annoying, thus makes me feel hopeless& distance...
Side effects of being beautiful? am I forever gonna be alone 😢?
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