Guys: am I annoying him?

I'm always the one that initiates the texting and calling, even tho I've only called him once and we ended up talking for 2hrs (he did most of the talking). I don't text him all the time.maybe once a week, but he replies 3 pages all the time! Will I appear as annoying/turn him off if I keep on calling/texting him?


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  • I think its always best to sometimes wait for him to initiate, but I know also how frustrating that can be when a lot of guys just don't do that, I am in the same boat. Maybe give it a go :)

  • I think when he writes you 3 pages text or talks a lot it shows he really likes you.I am exactly in same situation with my bf.I text him a lot and I talk a lot too but he most of times writes shorts sentences or answers me late and that annoys me a lot because I used to think that he does not love me anymore tough it was not true when I found out reality.So I advice you if you see he text you a lot then you do a lot too because if you don t he would be annoyed .Better for you if you really love him and don t have time to text him or your character is not a talkative person inform him before then he would understand the main reason and won t be turn off. :)

    • Lol we're not actuatlly going out at the moment...just 'friends' for now I guess :S

      He is a very talkative person. With my previous bfs or guys that chased me, they all initiated by texting. But he's never been in a relationship before and exams are coming up in a I sort of understand why. He does get flirty with me when we're around his mates tho

    • Humm interesting .If he text with your previous bfs or guys and he get flirty when you are around his mates,it seems to me that he is playing a role that probably your preview bfs told him to do.When he gets flirty more when your other mates are around if its a plan then he do that because your preview bfs wants to prevent other boys who can be ur mates come close to you .But if its not a plan that I don t think and he really loves you then he tries to show other people that he is proud of you.

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