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I want to be in a relationship with my teacher?

Hi so when I was in collage I had this really cute professor literally everything I want in a guy and we would flirt all the time and he would always help me or pick on me and compliment me everyday and he would help me with my homework’s as well and we in general Vibed really well together and once after school it was raining and I didn’t have my car my sister needed he he offered me a ride and we kissed before I went home and we never did anything after that I think we got scared but now I finished my 2 years and I’m in university now but after I left we never got to do anything maybe he was afraid well he’s still single and I have his Instagram so my question is should I follow him and start chatting with him and maybe go on a date cause he’s sweet, my type, and we’re no longer student teacher anymore, or do you think it’s wrong if we start talking
I want to be in a relationship with my teacher?
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