Fading Hope??

After I surprised her with a meal, she has been talking to me everyday, online and through text messages, she will greet me with a text message in the morning. But I have mixed feelings about her.

The reason is, we do not have a lot to talk about, we normally ask each other, "what are you doing?". We do have some topics to talk about sometimes.

A second reason is that she is older than me, and I feel that she does not look at me as a potential suitor but as a friend.

The third reason is her current status, her past has affected her relationships greatly.

So, is this a fading hope for me?

She shared with me about her past relationships, and the stories of people that used to/currently trying to chase her.


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  • Doesn't sound like the communication skills between the 2 of you are in sync. Also, sounds like she ONLY thinks of you as a friend.but that's just my thinking!


What Guys Said 1

  • It sounds dim, but the light is still there. You may feel discouraged, but the only way to ever make progress in life is to take chances, even when you don't think there's a remote possibility they will pan out.