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Was it wrong to send a card to a crushes work?

well, i have a situation of sorts i guess and really need some guys advice or outlook etc? there is a guy where i go for lupus management. he one day came into the room when no one was there said you know i like you and left, i didn't have a chance to answer about a month later pulled the fake run by my house i was so stunned i just looked he didn't say anything but neither did i? i know im an idiot dont remind me lol. so with corona haven't seen him as much so manned up and sent a card to his work with a note that was hilarious but also told him that i am shy and a one person kinda person. since then its been awkward, but i def take responsibility for being shy. but was it wrong to send a card, i mean this guys stated you know i like you? thank you so much for anyone who takes the time and no need to be mean we were all young once, im just not a huge dater.
Was it wrong to send a card to a crushes work?
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