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Workaholic Boyfriend?

Okay so I have been with this guy for 4yrs he has always been a hard worker. The first year we got together we were going out a lot. This is when he live with his sister, than we move into our own place we don’t go out as much, he mostly works, I question him about it he says he has to make sure the bills payed, n he also got to pay Childsupport. He pays athleast 70% of the bills. Now we have a daughter I thought he might be home some to help he doesn’t even be around for the baby. He comes home exhausted all the time n go straight to bed. Wakes up at 6am go to work. He calls me when he leave n while he is at work. But it’s not enough, he works 7 days a week, I ask him for athleast 1 day out the week to spend time or athleast be home? He say He working to be home he wants to open a food truck. I’m I being ungrateful or inconsiderate. It’s depressing always being alone, especially now with the baby
Workaholic Boyfriend?
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