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Why he lied of not liking me?

My friend with benefit never had a girl like him, never had a girlfriend, is very insecure, and he believes that he is very low average in looks.

He always ask me for opinion on his appearance.

One day he said he want hook up next month but the very next day he ask if I find him attractive and what my type of man and when I did he said "sounds like me, well than hello!" But I acted uninterested so he ignore me for 2 weeks and than contact me again.

Another time we hook up he kiss me all over my face, lips non stop for a long time, took his time real slow, held me very tight, cuddle, stare at my face, and he didn't mind if I kiss him so much all over or held him tight. We spent 3 hours doing that.

I even told him he look identical in appearance to a person I know so he said "so did you have a big crush on this identical person?" I said "no" so he said "so you don't like me?"

Considering all the signs he gave me I told him I liked him. But when I said that he said he not looking for a realtionship right now. He than immediately ask about my past ex boyfriends and after that ask if I find him cuter than all my ex boyfriends.

So what gives? Does he like me or not?
Why he lied of not liking me?
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