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HELP! real qwuestio, dose she likeme? how bad?

Last summer i was at a pool party dive in movie with my church singles study. this cute blond a few years older was there. she had asked to help me host the Christmas in July party i had at my house a few weeks before. the dive in was the ext event. it was at her house. when the movie started i made my way to the deep end which was the most still and quiet. she followed me out and swam bobbing next to me chatting me up the whole movie. towards the end she smiles up at me and tells me how bad she "just wants to tickle my feet."i joked I'm too ticklish for that.
she moved to intern and i haven't gone sense spring. but i honestly can't tell if that was normal "friendly flirt" or is she was into me. was she hardcore flirting? was she basically proposing an underwater tickle fight? i don't know."never had a girlfiend yet and im on the spectrum and can't read social cues.
Girls how into a guy would you be before you would do this? If a girl is this friendly when the study starts up again is that a good sigh to ask her out?
any answers would help! thanks!
HELP! real qwuestio, dose she likeme? how bad?
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