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Why doesn’t she realize her self worth?

My friend was dating this guy for about a year but they we’re very much toxic. Fights, on and off breakups etc. I can’t count how many times she called me crying about him or their relationship and as of now, they’re not even together but more so like sex buddies. She found out recently he has been calling another girl his girlfriend but she brags about the fact that sometimes when he’s with this new girl he claims over her, she’ll call his phone. Asking for sex and like any guy he doesn’t turn her down so he will sometimes leave his girlfriend at night to go be with my friend but only for sex and when I asked her if she thinks the girl knows anything about her, she told me no yet she still feels she has some one up on her when really he spends most of his time and most of his day with this new girl of his and she knows this from his social media alone. While he only goes to her at odd hours. Two or three in the morning. I just don’t get why she doesn’t respect herself more.
Why doesn’t she realize her self worth?
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