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How can I deal with being passed over for other women?

I'm 25. All throughout my history of dating, I have always been passed over for other women. It happened as early as when i was 15 years old. Recently, I was just talking to a guy who invited me out for a meeting. We exchanged emails over the course of two weeks. He seemed to really like me and I was really looking forward. Then poof, he just ghosted me on the day that we were supposed to meet. Not one word from him. This isn't my first time being ghosted. But I just know (from our emails exchanged) that he likely met someone better. My self esteem feels attacked. And i personally feel attacked. This is definitely not my first time being ghosted. Usually can handle it really well. But this time is the last straw for me. I couldn't help but just cry.

During college, i remember twice of getting passed over for other girls who were way hotter than me. Then another guy rejected me over due to my shyness.
I can't help but feel like I'm scum at the bottom of the barrel that nobody wants. But that isn't even the problem. I can be content with being ugly or undesirable.
The WORST problem is that I am being TOYED around by guys. They show interest then they just disappear. This is what hurts the MOST. I get my hopes up then i am let down in disappointment. I'd rather feel as if I am completely undesirable scum in order avoid all these high and low, emotional roller coaster rides.

Some people would genuinely call me pretty or cute. In other times, i get rejected because there are also many guys don't find me too physically attractive. My self esteem just goes up and down. I just don't know where i quite stand.
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How do i continue having the strength to continue dating? My self esteem is already so fragile already. I'm afraid that if this continues, i will just go into complete destruction. I always been strong by hiding my pain and ignore it until its gone. But sometimes i just fail at trying to not let it get to me.

I'm know definitely a great person and I've had guys who really fell in love with and completely adored me.
How can I deal with being passed over for other women?
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