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His family is racist?

So I’ve been dating this guy for the past 2 months and everything has been great. Last night when we were talking about becoming an official couple, meeting each others families came up and he confessed that his family is racist. His dad and uncle are, so is his sisters fiancé and now she is also showing racial tendencies. I, as a woman of color, find this very uncomfortable and disturbing. He says that he doesn’t agree with or care what they think, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t affect me in some way. These people are his only family, he lives with them and is VERY close with them all. If they didn’t accept me, I couldn’t imagine what kind of issues that would cause and I would never want to come between him and his family. So my question is, should I even continue dating this guy? Or end things now to avoid possibly being hurt in the future?
His family is racist?
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