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Talking to two best friends, do I go for it?

Long story short

Met two new guys because we're in the same friend group
I became close with one of them (Lets name him E)
He started to develop feelings, the timing wasn't right, i was hung up on an ex
We stayed friends
As I got over my ex, and talked to E less, I became close with this other friend (J)
We both developed feelings for each other but I still wasn't ready for a relationship
Around this time, E started to talk to me again and we'd hang out as friends but were very flirty
J and I talked for a few months until the "what are we" question came
I told him i didn't want a relationship and maybe we can explore that option in the future
I dont know if i started to develop feelings for E or if they were there the entire time
But they're best friends and they both like me and i dont know if i should go for it or leave them both alone
I dont know if either route would lead anywhere but I feel like once I chose I'm closing the door to explore another possibility.
I kissed E first, I liked the attention he gave me, but I developed feelings for J after I kissed him, and then when E came back into my life I started to develop feelings for him.. as of right now i can't stop thinking about E.

But J looks at me with love in his eyes and E just looks at me like he wants to fuck me.

Which one do I go for? Do i leave them both alone?
Talking to two best friends, do I go for it?
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