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My girlfriend is grounded. What should I do?

So first off, let me explain by saying that I am not in my 20's. I used that age in case I wasn't allowed to sign up (if you can even see that since this is anonymous). Anyway, I (M15) have a long distance relationship with my girlfriend (F14). Does it sound weird and maybe a little creepy? Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway, we've been together for around 1 ½ years. She hasn't gotten grounded in those years until now. She isn't allowed to date so her parents grounded her for 5 months today (they just now found out about us dating). Now, I know what you're thinking. "5 months isn't a long time at all." Yes, but to me it is. We talked to each other all the time and we wouldn't stop. So going 5 months without her is going to be a bit hard for me. And its not as easy as getting someone to drive me to her house so we can sneak out together. I live in California and she lives 3,000 miles away in Florida (if that didn't make it any weirder and creepier). Anyway, what should i do? Should I just wait out the 5 months? Should I text her parent (s) and ask them to unground her? Also, breaking up is not an option. Being with someone for 1½ years and trying to break up with them for not doing anything extremely bad is hard. But anyway, what would be the smartest thing to do so that I can talk to her as quickly as possible?

PS, texting her parents would be extraordinarily hard, because A, they're somewhat abusive, and B, they wouldn't listen to some 15 year old guy that they don't want dating their daughter.

The whole situation is really hard on me. I've tried talking to very close friends but they couldn't give me any advice. While breaking up with her might be the smartest thing to do, considering we're both just breaking her parents rules, I won't break up with her. Now, with that out of the way, what would be the best way to talk to her as fast as possible? Wait out the 5 months, talk to her parents, or anything else?
My girlfriend is grounded. What should I do?
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