Does anyone know any spiritual ceremonies that can I could perform to attract a desired object to myself?

I've lately been hoping that the guy I've been talking to will text or call me, but it hasn't happened quite yet, and it's been a few days since we exchanged numbers. So are there any spells or charms you would recommend that I could do to help attract his energy and thoughts my way? Thanks for your suggestions. :)


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  • wear a pointy push up bra and some red lipstick. Dance on top of a half eaten chicken leg while saying "there's no place like home". Next pick up the phone and call him and tell him what kind of stupid sh*t you did to get his attention.


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  • slip a placebo in his drink:D


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  • love me

    love me

    sayyyy that you'll love meeeeee

    just say that 7x, sprinkle some glitter around you in a circle, and you're good to go!

  • How dedicated are you to doing a ritual correctly?

    • I'm dedicated. I'm very respectful and interested in spiritual rituals like spells and charm consecration, as I've tried it all before. I was just wondering if you have any fresh ideas? I'm willing to try a ritual and do what it calls for. :)

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    • Yes! I would love that so much! :)

    • I'll post it in a bit.

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