Anyone wanna help me make an online dating profile?

I don't know what to say. No one is gonna talk to me if I attempt talking to girls with it blank. :|

The questions are:

-My self summary

-What I'm doing with my life

-I'm really good at

-The first things people usually notice about me

-Favorite books,movies, shows, music, and food

-The six things I could never do without

-I spend a lot of time thinking about

-On a typical Friday night I am

-The most private thing I'm willing to admit

-You should message me if


Most Helpful Girl

  • The thing with OkCupid is, it doesn't catch my eye when the self-summary is actually a self-summary, because how is someone supposed to summarize their personality? Focus on what you're passionate about, even if it's just random facts. Saying you're "laidback and fun-loving" doesn't mean anything. Everyone says that. I also love it when I come across a profile that's super honest and doesn't come across like you're trying to impress anyone.


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  • Pick me!

    • Mmk I pick you. lol

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    • Just forget I asked this. I thought it would be a good idea since I don't have the confidence for real life but it's not.

    • Work on the confidence.

  • put some of your pics and u'll be fine.

    • haha No I won't. 1. I'm a guy. 2. I'm not attractive. 3. Girls initiate all of never.

  • Really it's important to be yourself and not be misleading. That will hurt you in the long run.

  • No, be truthful.


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  • never had any luck with online dating where thousands of guys contact a single girl. Much easier to approach a girl in real life since most guys are too scared to do so, your odds improve much, much more

  • lol my bra id help you what's the questions snackey?

    • It's the basic like self summary and sh*t. lol

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    • I'm like on my computer all the time. That's why this is hard. I think I'll just delete it. When I tried plenty of fish not girls answered. I don't know if I wanna risk destroying my confidence more with OK Cupid like POF did.

    • haha iight man best thing is just make friends move it up from there

  • Why are you still d***ing around with this sh*t?