Who would go out with me?

I am a 5 foot 6.5 weighing in around 275 or 280 lbs male. I have dirty blond hair and hazel blue eyes. I might be a big boned guy but I am strong. I have total and straight up respect for women. I love to write and talk. I can be shy until you get me to open up. I am a country boy straight up. I dropped out of school in the 9th grade.I am bout to go for my GED and than I plan on taking online courses for Business Mgmt, Radio Broadcasting, Law, and Computer Science maybe others on down the road. I believe in God and feel he knows what he is doing with me. I believe in personality alone and not looks. I am a very romantic type of guy. I love all types of music except for rap!...if you would like to know anything else just post below and I will answer! :)

Ok I have now gotten a job. Except I have to wait about three weeks for my tags to come in to start it. I will be working at this Charity Bingo hall making basically I would have to say about 300 a week plus.


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  • Sorry, no. I like leaner guys, I don't like shy guys at all, and I take education very seriously (about to start grad school), so I couldn't see myself dating a guy that didn't even get halfway through high school.

    • Well zatchick if you paid any attention you would have noticed that I said I am going back to continue my education.

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    • First of all I am not arguing. And second of all young lady I am not extremely overweight, so get a clue. And another thing I don't remind shy for long. FYI I don't argue people into liking me.

    • I just entered in the bmi calculator your height and weight. Obesity is a bmi of 30 or greater, you are at 43.5! And second of all, I don't like people who are shy at all. So it doesn't matter to me if you come out of your shell eventually. I don't know why we're even still talking about this. You gave the world facts about yourself and asked if we'd go out with you. My answer is no. End of story.

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  • No.

    I prefer lean guys and enjoy old school rap before misogyny came in. I don't like country guys or shy guys.

  • it would help to know how old you are?

    you sound similar in appearance to the guy I am currently going out with, and slightly similar in what youv said about your personality.

    if I were single, just from what youve said I would probably go out with you, but to give you a completely honest answer I would have to know you.

    • zatchick I am 19. My birthday is January 5.

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    • yeah good point, I guess that if I knew you really well and we got along well and I liked you then yes I would

    • Awesome. Thank you for your words. :)

  • you said that you dropped out on 9th grade? why was that?

    • I had a little trouble with the law back than. A lot of it was messed up charges...my probation officer told me if I got into any more trouble I would be sent back to juvi. That basically I didn't wanna see happen. Now that I am on a much better path I am going back for my education and so forth.

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    • i mean, not in here :>

    • Ha I will add you than. :)

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