Dating Online, An old friend from way back...?

I was working...

and then my boss hired a new girl...

i was 18 and she was 24

She was a party kinda girl all the time...

we liked each other... Alot... And we just never had a

chance to get things rolling...

And now, I'm 24... and she's 29

I don't car about the age thing. But after she got pregnant with some random guy.. And now things are working out..

What do you thinks going to happen to me.. Will it work. IS this stupid of me.. I donno anymore.. The more she thinks about it the more I think its a bad idea.. Can anyone text and talk like we can?... I don't know.. she's my second girlfriend.. Its a big move...


She isn't pregnant tho..

Now her son is 2 and a half..

Same diffrence?
And she is still friends with the dad and he takes care of there kid too...


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  • You'd be comfortable raising another man's child? I don't mean to point the finger, I could be wrong BUT from experiance I know girls tend to get a lot more 'friendly' when they've become pregnant with a man who they no longer see! He left her, one night stand, regardless... he's not there and she's got his kid, they feel vunerable. Add the pregnant woman hormones, possibly feeling sorry for herself and what do you get... a woman who NEEDS a lad, but not just any lad... they want a nice one, a cutie perhaps, someone who'll be nice to them and treat them well in thier vunerable state... from what I've read you seem to fit that role very well. 4/5 years younger, she's only your second girlfriend (something she'll love, you're as good as fresh. Am I right in saying she's 'experianced', had a lot of sexual partners?) and you're willing to raise a child that isn't your's... you my friend are a cute, caring boy boy (and I don't mean to offend)

    Do you not think it's coincidence that things are working out now she's pregnant?!?!?!

    I'm not saying for one minute she's planned this, having to settle for someone since she's now pregnant BUT being pregnant WILL have changed her ideas and mood. She could/does genuinely care about you but being pregnant will be behind your sudden 'gelling' with each other whether it's conscious or not. Single pregnant minds are often desperate ones... this is fact!

    • I don't often agree with DonMichelle, but I do whole heartedly here. You said it all man. No offense intended, man, but you maybe the guy she's looking for to bail her out here. You need to walk away from this and ask yourself why now? Why weren't you the one before? I think if you settle down with her, you'll be raising the baby & she'll go right back to being the party girl. You just might be raising another guy's dude.

    • ''I don't often agree with DonMichelle''... hahahaha, what kinds of things don't you agree with, my frequent stupid remarks, come across as a bit sleazy? ;) ? hahaha, I don't even remember coming across you on here before?

      Cheers for your agreement, I know I'm right, I know what 'ladies expecting babies' are like, and I've seen the lads they try to seduce when pregnant... they fit the QA's description perfectly

      (toy boy, not boy boy :) )

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