I'm having a little contacting issue, why hasn't he contacted me back?

This involves a guy that I'm good friends with. (Whom I do have strong feelings for in a beyond friend kind of way, and no I have not told him), he is 9 years older than I am. He's 32 I'm 23. We met each other in college about 5 five months ago and have instantly clicked. He’s extremely successful. So he is a very busy guy, just on a side note. Last time we hung out was six days ago. No worries, it’s normal we don’t see each other very often. When we hung out he told me that he wanted me to call him or text more often since the last time we talked, phone or in person, was three weeks ago. I told him sure and as we said goodbye and he gave me a real hug for the first time, ended up exchanging a few more words and he hugged me again! I could tell he enjoys my company and I enjoy his, but here’s where I get confused. I added him on Facebook and he accepted. He even wrote a message to me and said he liked my profile picture. What was funny was I called him and texted him 20 minutes after he wrote to me and didn’t know he wrote to me (he didn’t answer though). So I messaged him back on Facebook as well. I haven’t heard from him. The next day he then writes on Facebook that he has un-friend someone and feels conflicted, even though he still has the same number of friends on his account. I then called and texted him that day and told him if he needs anyone to talk to I’m there for him. Now I’m worried I’m that person he un-friended. Maybe I’m paranoid but he has not answered to my calls or text in two days which is normal for us but it seems too coincidental. I don’t believe I did anything we seemed great, better than great. Any thoughts or suggestions? He doesn’t seem like the kind of person that will avoid someone and who will be straight forward with them. But it doesn’t make sense to tell someone you want them to text you and call you more often then don’t text or call back. I’m so confuzzled.

lol I broke the rule and ended up texting him on the weekend and he responded! I realize he responds when it's during the weekend but not during the weekday. He's been that way since I met him. He told me that everything was cool at work and with him in general and said that he was shopping for a gift for mothers day. I believe now that I'm not the person he un-friended, I was being paranoid. I need to confess to him my feelings.


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  • I can't say exactly why some guys do this, it tends to be the ones who are pretty popular with the ladies, but I had a similar experience once. We seemed to be clicking great, he was interested, I was interested, perfect. Then he said the same thing to me, that he'd like me to call and text him more often since he always felt like he did it the majority of the time. So I did. He quit answering and texting back. I was hurt, confused, whatever. Then when I stopped, he started calling & texting me again, showing more interest than ever before. He tried to get me to call/text more once again, but I never did. He still calls/texts me every other week or so to this day even though we're no longer seeing each other.

    I can't see why some guys do this, I really have no clue. It seems coutnerintuitive to tell someone to do something that you clearly don't like. But I don't bother trying to figure it out. All I know is that he responded better when I let him do the chasing, and he treated me bad/ignored me when I tried to chase.

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate you answering honestly and respectfully. I'll try that out and see what happens!

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  • You want to take a guess how many groupies liek you this guy has on the string?

    • One you spelled "like" wrong. And secondly how can he have groupies if he's busy? He's a video producer and video and commercial editor. I've been to his work, he works around the clock. He wouldn't have time to play around nor have the strength to, plus as I?ve mentioned above we?re just friends. I really wish people would give me an educated thought than making up things that I know he clearly he isn't. I don't think I implied that he's that way at all. He sees me when he's not busy, which is rare. However thanks to you you?ve shown me that I don?t need your answers and that I should simply trust him, thank you.

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    • lol ty marty I got a good laugh

    • Best answer, no?

  • He might just be busy, he might feel you are being annoying. Try not to get too attached, you don't know him very well yet, he might be different then you think at first.

    • If he thought I was annoying then why would he tell me to contact him more often?

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