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Is it so wrong to want to date someone very similar to yourself?

I met this guy the other day and we connected well but when he asked about interests/hobbies and stuff, thats where the differences lied. He was all about partying, drinking, nature and animals, smoking, and so on. I kept telling him how some of those fall into dealbreakers for me, and that even though i’d compromise on others, i’d eventually get annoyed and wanna run away. He kept saying he’d quit smoking weed if i gave him a chance and i told him that was utter bs and that i’ve heard that story one too many times. Like if you truly wanted to quit, you’d do it before me (before i came along), not for me. Then he went on about how I dont go with the flow enough. I tried going with the flow for some dudes this year and last year and well its just not for me, so im not gonna keep doing something that makes me a bit miserable. Anyways, i knew i was outta there when he told me that there's nothing wrong with doing coke on occasion. Like lmao wtf, dude you are not for me, and I bid him farewell
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I want someone similar to myself
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I want someone very different from myself
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I want someone who balances things out
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29 d
I don't know why y'all acting like i asked for a clone. I just said someone very similar. Its possible. Hot damn
Is it so wrong to want to date someone very similar to yourself?
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