Mad at my boyfriend.

I texted him around the time he gets ready to sleep. Around 9pm. Since he is in the Military and gets up early. We planned to see each other sometime during this week right after he gets off work since he works in my town a few minutes away and then travels home 20 minutes away. Texted him 2 days later asking if I can see him tomorrow since we haven't spent any time due to us being busy... No reply. This was Tuesday night. I have not sent him another text or called him and haven't heard from him. We usually text/call a few times a week and see each other on the weekend.

He will probably text me or call today, but I'm not expecting it. I'm INFURIATED. Because I wanted to see him since I told him I couldn't spend time this weekend.

Am I wrong to be so mad? That's just RUDE! To ignore me. At least tell me "no, tomorrows not good, the next day" or something! Any tips... I'm so close to just ignoring him when he texts me but I don't wanna play games but I don't wanna talk to him if he just texts me "hey" like NOTHING happened, like I don't matter!

it's not the first time, and I definitely believe he's not cheating it's just this rude behavior.. on the phone he's perfect, in person he's awesome, but texting.. sometimes he just ignores it. I can understand if it didn't require a reply, that's cool. I DO THAT TOO, BUT IF ITS A QUESTION...Come on! I didn't call because he was getting ready for bed and doing things so I didn't wanna keep him up and a text is quick & convenient.. or so I thought :/


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  • ...its just a text, so ya I would say you are wrong to be "infuriated". I mean if someone robbed my house or hurt a family member I would be infuriated, but its gunna take a little more than not responding to a text...

    • I'm mad because I haven't heard from him this entire week. We planned on him stopping by after work to see me because we haven't spent any time together for a while and I really missed him and wanted to give him a kiss and get a hug.

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