He's been asking why I stopped hanging out with him. What's the deal? SUPER confused :S

so a couple of months ago I hung out with this new guy friend that I liked and he liked me but he just broke up with his girlfriend so he said he didn't want to jump into anything so I respected his wishes but since I still had feelings for him I completely cut myself off from him otherwise it would have been too hard so just recently I started speaking to him again he tells me I look beautiful trying to help me and be around me, he still remembers REALLY minor things I said like 6 months ago and he's been asking why I stopped hanging out with him as well as always asking what I'm doing on the weekend saying that I should text him, etc.. only thing? he has a girl friend right now ( dating for 2 months). What does all of this mean?


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  • Maybe when you cut connections he took that as a sign that you weren't interested. As far as why he is trying to contact you now even though he has a girlfriend...I dunno, maybe they're about to break up?

    • ok thanks :) I'm not sure, I'm getting the feeling that he regrets not taking things further because now I'm always going to parties and other guys have asked me out, what do you think?

    • Like forbidden fruit? Definitely a possibility. I would probably just stop talking to him, at least until he breaks up with his girlfriend.

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