A guy who is always wanting to hang out and makes a planned date with you but never calls?

So..he's always asking me to hang out and I'll say "I'm busy tomorrow but Friday might work" and he says "Friday it is..i can't wait" then...Friday comes along. no texts. no calls. no nothing. it's like we have this day planned and in my head I'm expecting to hear SOMETHING from him along the lines of "hey are we still on for today?" but nope. that never happens. why would a guy do that?


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  • Could be a few things...

    maybe he's shot himself down mentally and just isn't gonna try because in his head he's given himself a million reasons why to not call.

    Ive done that before several times ... ill meet a girl and everything seems to go right(we vibe well, feel comfortable and laugh together), and then stop talking to her completely after some time.

    another possibility is he's a flakey person. he could be intending to hang out with you but just forgot cause he's scatterbrained and forgetful OR had a bunch of other things on his mind that distracted him.

    the last is that he could be that he's just ... blowing you off. Hopefully that's not the case for your sake. On the other hand, if he doesn't have the decency to respect your time enough to call and cancel, then maybe he's probably a bad person to date anyways.


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