Is this message OK to tell a guy you only want to hang out if he actually wants to hang out?

I want to find out if this guy is hanging out with me cause I said we should catch up or just because he wants to.

Is this passage below OK to say to him?:

yesterday when you told me 4 people had asked to catch up after I asked you, well I don’t want to ever to anyone just be someone they hang out with cause I asked or they feel they have to I only want to be someone that people hang out with cause they want to! so if you are just agreeing with me I would prefer not to see you cause I can spend my time with people who actually want to hang out with me! :)

Is it to dramatic or a bad idea? Advice please :)


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  • If he accepted the idea of catching up that means he wants to. Otherwise, he would've shrugged it off or found some way out of it. There's no need to send him the dramatic message (that seems somewhat off-putting, in my opinion). Just make the plans, meet up and then catch up as you've planned.


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