I like this girl and I think she likes me! what next?

I met her a few weeks ago in school...She gave me her number and I first texted her Thursday and the problem is she says we just barley met,when I asked her out. We talked yesterday "Friday" through text she text me first and I said I was gonna call but I didn't because I was trying to give her space because we text each other most of the day. So what should I do next?


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  • Just lay back and don't get in her buisiness too much, keep texting and talking and keep the communication going, don't call yet because that's a little more..how do I put this..its someting you would do if you were closer to her know what I mean?

    Just get to know her and over time, id say after you feel comfortable enough then ask her out again, something kind of casual, like breakfast or perhaps to the bookstore? Build up for that first date.

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