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He is so busy and it's killing him?

So here's in in short, I met a guy (18) online during lockdown. We talked as friends but I told him how I felt and he agreed that we felt like more than friends. Covid pretty much axed our plans for a date and we both can't drive and we live 2 hours walk away from ecah other.

Meeting wasn't high on our list at the time since we called and messaged regularly. The only times we didn't talk was when he was at work or whilst I was in a interview. Then at the start of September, we still hadn't made plans to meet and he went back to school.

That's when things were difficult, he had to manage school, a job and me. Sometimes he even had school and his work on the same day. I told him that I would give him space and talk later as not to distract him but he said that I was the only thing keeping him sane.

But now he hardly talks and when he does he yawns for the whole conversation and is ill with exhaustion. I don't expect him to stop working just because of me or anything but I don't think he realises that he can't do everything. I'm not blaming him but I feel like I'm putting all the effort in, i asked him out and I put the plans into motion. Also, how can I expect him to date me in the future when he barely has time to talk, let alone travel to meet me by bus which could take an hour and a half there and back.

I hate seeing him like this and desperately want to give him a break so he can rest, if not for me then his general health. Should I just give up, I mean what are the other options?
He is so busy and it's killing him?
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