Have I took it to far?

we went out a few times just over a year ago but nothing really came of it we still spoke to one another and flirted when he came into the club were I work and we have hooked up twice in the last 12 mnths.he does know I still like him because I told him but got no reaction from that. I always said 1 good thing about him was that he never ignored me if I texted him or message him on Facebook up untill a month ago...i ve texted him three times and he's ignored all of them the last one last week I texted him back and said he had his wish and I would never text or talk to him again...but then last night while I was out we were in the same company of friends and he kept trying to talk to me then went and sat on his own and kept trying to wave me over but I completely blanked him and he eventually went home. I'm not playing games with him and I do want to talk to him but I figure if I gave into him he'll think it perfectly fine to ignore me when he pleases but now I'm wondering if I took it too far and he'll never talk to me again sorry if it sounds complicated cause it is a little lol but any advice were to go from here will be appreciated guys thanks in advance


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  • Well it sounds like all he wanted you for was hooking up so it's probably a good thing you're not talking to him.

    • yeah I think you maybe right on the nail there but it s hard to fight the guilt I'm feeling now :(

    • There's no need to feel guilty. He's an asshole for expecting you to only talk to him when it's convenient for him. Just forget about him.

      Oh and seeing as how I am the only one who answered, would you mind giving me best answer? I'm trying to get the amazon giftcard so I can get a new jiu jitsu rashguard. thanks!

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