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What could it be his opinon about me?

I dated a man for 8 months and after some arguments we broke up. I was so piss off because of his actitude so I told him I didn't want to talk to him or see him at that moment. After some days I talked to him again but he was very cold and never spoke to me like before. Then the cuarentine started and things get colder. Some months has passed after that, and he only talks to me if I tell him something before. But he answers fast, every time I send him a message. I dont knowyes what to do, because I want to see him again. Because we never talked about the situación face to face.
Another fact is that sex with him was the best of my life and we connect fully in that aspect. Do you think is there any chance that he accept to see me again an talk? Its been 7 moths since de broke up
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What could it be his opinon about me?
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