Can men really smell the natural scent of a woman?

i usually can't smell myself or any other woman unless theyre wearing do men notice these things? do you have a preference of natural scent versus perfume?


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  • I swear this is something men do because I don't notice how men smell at all or other women, but I do know that men seem to be able to smell you out and it's alittle disturbing but oddly interesting at the same time I can't decide if I like that they have such sensitive senses of smell or not :o

    • im curious as to what natural scents are supposed to smell like?

    • it means like the smell of your skin at the end of the day after your body wash has worn off. as someone else said I don't smell anything but also a good way to smell it would be the smell of your pillow case. That's the smell they mean also possibly the smell of your more girlish parts. imo men just like to smell women. Their shampooed hair, the lotion on their skin, the soap/body wash they use I think this must be some left over primitive thing guys have for sniffing out prey from cavemen.

    • interesting!

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  • There are two issues to be addressed here:

    1) Pheromones are detected in the nose, but have no smell. These substances are the basis for sexual interaction and the foundation of human civilization. People who are not on hormones essentially stop producing pheromones by age 50. This is why nobody is much interested in dating those of us who are 50+.

    2.There are other scents, usually aliphatic dicarboxylates, which attract the opposite sex. The smell of these substances vary with the person and a great many other variables. Perfumes can be used to imitate or mask these substances depending on whether your natural smell is good or bad.

    I prefer a woman to smell good, whatever method she uses to get there.

  • yes men notice & I like natural, but I'm not saying I don't like perfume :)


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  • I think so.. my boyfriend always says how he "loves [my] natural smell" lol