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Would you be upset if your SO talked to their ex's parents?

My boyfriend's ex's mother called. He ignored it at first but later snuck around to talk to her at night. From the moment she called till the moment I found out, he was acting weird. I took a lucky guess what was bothering him and mentioned it, where he spilled the beans the next day. I felt disrespected and asked why he did that? He clearly had a backup story prepared about his concern for her father, a strung-out junkie who he hasn't spoken to in years. To me, it shows that he still looks for links to his ex and that she still has a hold on him. I read the messages too: Basically, she butt called him, he was *super* apologetic for not answering, she explains it was a mistake and asks how things are, he said life is good and improving and he hopes all is well with her daughters, she gives a thumb up and then he gives a thumb up. We got in a fight because I always feel like I'm a second thought to his ex even though she is from 5 years ago and cheated on him. We've been dating for 2 years too. When we first started dating he always liked her pictures until I explained it made me uncomfortable and he removed her. I find it weird though he still stayed friends with her family, to begin with...
Would you be upset if your SO talked to their ex's parents?
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