How do I date her slowly?

I met a girl, well she is not a girl she is a 37 years old women. For the past two weeks we have been having a great time together, last night she told me that she likes me, but she has something that is not letting her get closer to me and she does not know if we will just be friends or develop a long lasting relationship... I am confused , she told me that she loves when I kiss her, when I hold her, but that she want to take things slowly... What that slow means? How does a Latin man (me) do slow? I need some guidance... Help.. And advice,



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  • She likes you alot, in maybe what she considers is a really short time. She's being cautious and protecting herse;f, she doesn't want to fall in too deep, too quickly. She wants things to progress nice and slow..

    I think its a sign of maybe her being hurt previously or a little dis trusting to men. I think if she wants to take things slow accept that and be patient, trying to rush her may make her feel uncomfortable which would essentially push her away.