Why does prom season make me so sad? Why is it such a big deal to me?

Last night, I was at work when I bunch of kids going to prom came in for dinner. All of the kids looked really nice and the dresses were pretty. And then I noticed that all of the boys' matched their date and thought it was cute.

Then, I started to feel sad because I didn't get to have a nice prom experience. My junior year, my date told a friend a week before to let me know that he was backing out on me. My senior year, I had a date, but he completely ruined the whole thing for me.

I feel really stupid for being so upset about it, but I really feel like I missed out.

Prom season is coming up again. :(


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  • You did miss out and that's why you're sad whenever you're reminded of it. The only way to truly get over this feeling is become indifferent to this unfortunate fact or find a very romantic young man that will reenact a prom for you like they do in movies. Perhaps going to a formal ball and pretending it's your prom? However childish that may sound, it may help.

    • Well, that seems like a good idea, but I really don't think guys like that exist in real life.

    • I'd take a girl to a ball if she missed her prom :(

    • Well, you are probably one of the only guys who would do that. Most would complain about it, even if they did agree to go along with it.

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  • lol proms

  • I think you have answered your own question, apparently.

    And it's a big deal to you because it seems like a big deal for everyone else.

    • I guess I am asking why it is still so important to me. I have been out of high school for quite awhile. Shouldn't it stop being such a big deal by now?

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    • That's what you get for burying bones in the garden! :P

      No, actually, that's most possibly because it's more annoying that it wasn't as great as it could have been, and it's irreversible. I can't really give a better explanation than that, though.

    • You should have some sort of unforgettable moment that would override and overwrite this grief.

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  • aw honey I know what you mean. The only date I had for prom was a friend of the families. He was dull and then complained about it afterward. I tried to make it entertaining but he had his mind set. Then in college I though I'd finally get to have the prom I never had in high school. I asked this guy who took me on my frist date. I was so nervouse the first date was horrible and he backed out two weeks before my formal for my sororiety. I even paied $50 for the guys ticket. I was really hurt by the whole situation. The baic line it don't let it bother you. There were other people in your situation, your not the only one. I just think you and I had this ideal situation in our head (built in my movies, and shows we've watched) Your older now and more mature. You'll find that guy, just don't give up :)

    • My second year in college, my school had a formal event, which was a lot like prom. I had a boyfriend at the time and I told him how much I wanted to go and how important it was to me, but he didn't want to go and he didn't care if it would make me happy. So we didn't go.

    • that guy obviously wan't considerate, so it's a good thing your not together anymore. I have gotten over it by thinking it was superficial and it was in high school, a long time ago. Just let it go or if you feel like you have to reenact it (it'd be hard to find a guy willing to do that)

  • To be honest, I didn't have a good prom experience either. I went with someone I barely knew and it was just awkward. I sometimes look back and wish I could go back and change it, but I've accepted I can't. Prom is made out to be a really big deal, but really its just a dance. Don't be upset, there are other fun times to come.

  • Prom is just one night out of how many days in your life. Just remember that you must have had one nice night.

    anyways, you never know what will happen later on in those kids lives.

    My husband had a girlfriend that he went to prom with, and she didn't even dance with him at prom. She later cheated on him multiple times while they dated for about 1.5 years. And then after she dumped him, he lost all his friends so even though he seemed to be living that life of having a girlfriend and going to prom, he ended up with zero friends at the end of high school. At our wedding, I had 300+ guests while he had none. That shows that some people who had a nice prom and such and actually went, didn't really have that great of a night.

    A lot of high school relationships probably end up bad anyways (just guessing). I never dated in high school or college. I waited until I was out of college a few years before I dated, and made sure I figure out who I am and what I want and what relationships and stuff really is before I jump in. I don't care about proms and dances and whatever because all it is, is JUST ANOTHER NIGHT! It's not even special unless YOU make it special. It is JUST ANOTHER NIGHT.

    What's special for me is that some day I have a lot of money saved up for retirement, a huge house on a private lake, my husband still loving me, TRUE friends, and really close FAMILY relationships. I think that's more important than just one night, one night that others WANT you to think is special, because they THINK it is or want to THINK it is, but really it isn't. It's just one night of your life that's it. Think about it.

    • I have never actually had a nice date, as impossible as that may sound. Once, I remember thinking while on a date that I was having a great time and that the entire thing was perfect...but apparently I was the only person in the situation who felt that way. I was having a great night, but he said it was one of the worse dates he has ever been on.

      I have friends, but I don't come from a very good family. As a result, we are not close at all.

      I never got to have anything special so far.

    • you have many more days ahead, one of those days have to be a nice day... just keep looking forward to some good days ahead.