What can I do to get my ex off my back?

I used to go out with this guy and he broke up with me then the next day he wanted to get back together with me. He has a girlfriend and still keeps flirting with me no matter how many times I tell him it's done. I can't block him because he texts me and calls me. I'm going out with his ex friend who introduced us and we both need him to stop it's getting out of hand, what do I say?


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  • You tell him that regardless of past feelings I think our time is best spent as friends. Tell him that you want to be his friend, but in order to let that happen he needs to give you breathing room and time to heal.

    he still cares about you so he'll listen.


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  • change your number, mutual friends, and avoid spots you may see him and if necessary introduce him to a restraining order, call the police plain and simple...hell get da message


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