2 mo

She 'joked' about being friends?

can someone tell me of I'm overthinking here? A girl who I've been seeing, dating, we've both told eachother we love eachother. The last few days she been acting a bit different I haven't questioned her. We were messaging and I told her she knows how I feel about her. She replied saying but does he know how she feels? In a joking.
she then joked about changing the subject, so I asked again in a jokey way and she replied... does he know that we're friends?
i replied asking if she was serious
she replied... I've told you I love you...
and then asked if I knew she was joking?

i can't decide whether I'm overthinking that she does actually want to be friends or did I take her joke too serious?
2 mo
She then went totally down the I don't want to lose you and you are the only guy I'm interested in
She 'joked' about being friends?
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