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Should I just ask him this?

I texted my ex this summer he dragged the convo a lot and would tell me about his day. I even asked him if I was talking too much and he was like “no I fw it ” We are in college. He took time to answer which i understand. I told him when I moved back in my roommate and her mom said they found me a guy and said he was cute and tall and my roommate told the guy "my roommate is a 10 and my ex was like "LMAOO she's not lying tho, that's nice of her to set you up, on the first day. then i was like "aww that's sweet" and he answered and said "Lmao he's perfect for you and the 7th floor, that's too much lmao." he used some emojis. I told him a guy came up to me and my friend and she said he was flirting with me and my guy friend was like "Aw he probably was, that's good he's nice though" and put an emoji. I told him the guy was a Virgo and I liked his life story but forgot his name and he was like “aww that’s sweet. it’s love at first sight" I told him my roommate's brother was coming and he was like " ok ok i see you but be careful a few texts later he didn't answer for 2 days and then left me on opened! he would never do that to me until now. He didn’t tell me happy birthday I posted a Snapchat of a present that someone got me and captioned it “ this is soo cute ” and he saw it! He is moving next year across country so did he leave before it went too far? I posted my birthday messages for my birthday and he didn’t see that! I literally want to cry sometimes and I think about him everyday and I just wish he could’ve been honest with me whatever it was. I just need clarity. I just wish there was a way to tell if he liked me or not and just got turned off. Should I ask him why he did this?
Should I just ask him this?
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