Dating someone who suffers from panic attacks?

This girl I recently starting seeing suffers from panic attacks that were brought on from a past abusive relationship. I have never witnessed an attack, but over the past few days she has been having a lot of them on her own and because of that I don't hear from her, she says that she needs to be in her space alone when this happens so I cannot see her and she won't text me.

I real like her, but I don't know what I'm getting into with her. She said she wants to talk once she is feeling better.

Anyone date someone who suffered from panic attacks? any advice?


Update: see called whatever we had off today. her attacks are bad enough that she cannot have anyone even touch her or be in her space and she said its not fair for me so its best we don;t see each other, sucks cause I really like her despite her issues.


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  • i think if you really like this girl, you need to be patient with her. understand that she's had a bad backgroud in relationships and that takes time to recover from. gvie her time


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