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Is it coffee or a date?

Long story short, this guy and I (both in our 30's) are friends in a social group when last week I bet him a coffee over something and I won so he said he owed me a coffee. Now, we were talking on messenger and because I'm into him, I said 'maybe you could show me some hikes sometime' (he was telling me about this hike he had done) and he said "sure, let's go hiking on this weekend but ALSO let's get that coffee sometime before the hike." So we set up a time to go for coffee next week before the hike. Now I had not mentioned the coffee thing since that night (thinking he'd think it was just a joke etc) but he brought it up and arranged a time.

Is this a date or just friends? We've known each other about 2 months but never hung out one on one before.
Is it coffee or a date?
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