At what age is a man realistically condemned to end up alone?

If that man literally refuses to date any woman that isn't a virgin? It's something I was raised with and I refuse to part ways with it. I'm waiting until marriage and unfortunately I must insist that any woman I end up with shares my moral values. And while anyone can simply claim to believe something, if you don't live by it you're a hypocrite.

Sadly most "Christian" people I know are also like this.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Uh plenty of virgin women.

    Some by choice & some not by choice.

    If virgin was your only criteria plenty of women 25 and up fill that criteria.

    • Well obviously I'd like to date someone that shares my hobbies, moral beliefs and likes to stay in shape and have clean fun and not be part of the wretchedness of the world.

    • Exactly so it's not because you're looking fora virgin it's because you like all others want a belief compatible, interesting, attractive who will stay that way, fun to be around person.

      Plenty of people find that hard to obtain.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Look, at your age you can find a virgin, just know that there's probably a reason why they are still virgins... so appearance wise they may not be the best looking but they'll have similar values. Good luck :)

    • Well I'm decent looking and insist on dating equally thin and good looking women

    • lol... well... I guess you could go younger but you've got slim pickings since you're very strict.

What Guys Said 1

  • You can always marry a virgin at any age, in muslim countries don't guys who are like 60+ get married to 14 year olds? so you are never condemned

    • WTCupcake?

      Why go that far? just get a virgin his own age if virginity is his only criteria.

    • How many 60 year old virgins do you know? I think there is a realistic limit to how old a girl can be and still stay a virgin, but there is no limit to how old a guy can be to marry a girl who is much, much younger than him