Does his kiss mean anything?

i went to prom with my guy friend who I like but am not sure if he knows it. we went to his house after prom to watch a movie just us two. we cuddled on his couch and both fell asleep holding each other. after we woke up he walked me to my car and then he kissed me goodbye. we haven't talked about it and I just want to know if you think it means anything or if it was just a kiss. oh and we were completely sober.


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  • Where about's did he kiss you?

    • the lips

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    • do you have any advice on what I should do next?

    • Umm just play it cool. Is he more of the shy type? Maybe you ask him to hang out with you (it could be anything from just walking around, helping with school work or a movie, just make sure its a 1on1 situation). From there you can pretty well discuss anything you want and maybe even suitably talk about how he kissed you, or what his intentions are (yeah you might have to put him on the spot but maybe he will come forward or show interest before you even have to ask).

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  • Sometimes it's the whole, "in the moment" thing. Or there isn't much to talk about in general and it was just a kiss and not a big deal. If you're looking for a relationship or something with this guy then you'll have to make the move, not wait around for him to randomly do something. Oh, and don't bring the kiss up either and say, "Why did you kiss me at prom?", that's just silly. It was because he wanted to, end of story.

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