Do you believe the Word Love has different meanings for each person?


You see, I believe there are different types and sometimes people get caught up in which one they are feeling for another person, which is really unfortunate but there is different types and then there are different people.

So you have these different types of love, with every person possibly viewing these said love categories differently, which makes it complicated.

At the moment though, I am drowning in a type of love that is making me super comfortable,

Eros, passionate and sexual love
Philia, love between friendship
Storge, family love
Agape, universal love, love of strangers, nature and god
Ludus, playful uncommitted love like dance, teasing, intent of fun but no commitment
Pragma, Dutiful love based on long term interests, like arranged marriages.
Philautia, Self love

These are descriptive titles of different types of love labelled by the Greek, as you can see, they are all different and I think the one that people are focused on mostly in modern day is Eros, but people who are young and developing feelings, sometimes they might waver between Ludus, Philia and Eros.

After finding the actual names for each definition, I can say that I have been in friendships with people where I couldn't tell if I loved them as a friend or something more, so I was wavering and confused between Philia and Eros.

How about you, what is love to you?
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Do you believe the Word Love has different meanings for each person?
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