Why do guys keep hurting me?

I have a major problem; my ex broke up with me 2 months ago because of the distance ( I go to university 3 hours away). At the start of our relationship he was fine about it, until he wanted to see me more. 2 painful months later I'm over him, and ready to speak to him again as a friend. I find out the rebound girl he was dating left him for his best friend and he suddenly "realized" how I must of felt.

So me being a nice person said he could talk to me if he was feeling low of whatever (only cause he's listened to me talk about stuff in the past). So, we contacted each other a lot for 2 weeks when he told me he'd made a mistake breaking up with me and that he was just having silly thoughts. I was really scared of getting hurt again, and for 3 weeks I kept asking him if he was serious about us getting back together. Even his own MUM told him not to mess me around again.

And surprise surprise; he wasn't. He never thought it through because he's a di.ck. We were going to try and get back together in the summer but he said "he'd get doubts again towards the end." So NOW he tells me. Plenty of people have said be careful, but I gave the guy plenty of times to open up. But no, he left me in limbo for 3 weeks feeling on edge. I'm sad because I really wanted to make it work between us.

ANYWAY, during the time my ex and I were split I got close to another guy. It was never anything serious but we were close, and seeing each other. I ended things because the summer was approaching and I thought it would be best to remain friends. However, I still REALLY liked him. I met him at a party 2 weeks later and I ask him if he wanted to go back to way things were ... an just enjoy each others company again for 2 more weeks. He seemed quite keen on the idea (we were both a abit drunk) . However when we got back to mine he said he wanted to go home, because he just wasn't "feeling it anymore." I never saw it coming. Seriously, I can't describe how it felt to be messed over twice in less than 2 weeks. He did try to be a nice guy about it, and I was more upset about it than I should of (only because your ex had broke my heart less than a week before.). But SERIOUSLY is it something I'm doing wrong? My confidence is seriously at an all time low.

Please help!


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  • Let me rephrase your question:

    I only like shallow relationships, and I go after the wrong kinds of guys; why am I ending up with people who hurt me?

    • That doesn't answer my question. My ex and I didn't have a "shallow relationship" or whatever you want to call it.

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