How do I get over the fear of telling someone how I feel?

For the past two weeks I have been contemplating on wether or not I was going to tell this guy I have been wanting for soo long how I feel. Just do you have a little back story. I am a college freshman. I have been crushing on him probably since middle school a little earlier maybe. He was with his girl for most if 8th grade so I left him alone but we flirted a lot in class. I finally got with him in 9th grade and then we broke up towards the end of freshman year. He tried to get back with me a couple of times. And no matter how bad I wanted to I was hurt at the time so I declined. Then senior year he got back with the girl before me he dated in middle school. I had time to get over it. But I was waiting until they ended to tell him I wanted him back. He was with her for a long time. And he tried to get back with me during this time but I declined I couldn’t mess with someone taken. But now they are broken up or not in the best place. And I feel like he thinks I don’t like him. So I have decided to tell him. Anywho back to the question I just got on here and I saw a question about a girl who told her longtime crush she liked him and he didn’t feel the same no matter how much she thought he did. I don’t want that to happen to me. I have wrestled back and forth with this for about two weeks. I want to let him know so bad. And I wanted to tell him but I just can’t I’m scared. I don’t want to tell him and then he not feel the same way because I’ll be embarrassed. And I was sure he feels the same but there is also a chance he doesn’t. If I am uncertain should I still do jt? I just want a chance to see what would happen. Should I still do it? How do I overcome the fear?
How do I get over the fear of telling someone how I feel?
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