What do you like to do for a first date?

Do you like to do the cliche dinner and a movie, or do you prefer something more 'original'?


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  • Personally, I prefer walks on a clear night. Something about walking, talking and being under the stars really makes my night.

  • For a different question I stated what I prefer to do for a first date. ( link )

    "I'll start by telling you that a classic rookie mistake is "Dinner and a Movie". See while dinner is a great idea, the movie isn't. Going to the movies is just you sitting there for 90 to 150 minutes staring at a screen and not talking. The goal of a first date is to see how well you two click, when you're alone together, and not doing anything school or work related.

    So with that in mind I say dinner, maybe coffee. Something where you two can eat, and enjoy yourself. Preferably somewhere with ambiance, and a good mood, but not too loud so you can talk. A walk around town or some place nice is also usually good. As is someplace with activities to do. I don't know something fun. Dancing perhaps. Maybe a place to play some kind of game. Maybe some Karaoke. Skeeball. Something fun to remember.

    Now granted you don't have to do all of these. I'm just tossing out ideas. But remember though, fun and conversation are always best. Leave things like going to the movies to something like a second or third date."

    Really though, a first date for me needs to be fun, and open for conversation, but also something where we can make the most of our time. So a movie is out. It's not a matter of originality, it's just that you can't learn anything about the person you're with during a movie. Because as stated, a first date is for learning about each other.


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