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Mixed signals, advice needed?

So I've recently started with online dating and have been out with a few guys. One of the guys I met up with I've now seen twice. We are in a similar situation as in both going through a divorce after a long term relationship. We got on extremely well and all his comments afterwards were very positive. The next time I was supposed to meet him he had to cancel as be was ill. He has also since had to self isolate for 14days as he had been in contact with someone who had tested positive for covid. His contact has dropped off quite a bit although he does still text but seems to take ages to respond. I was texting him at the weekend and out of the blue he said 'i do miss you you know'. At first it made me happy to hear that but then the more I Thought about it the more I just thought maybe he's just saying it. I said that I was surprised to hear him say that due to his reduction in contact and he just said I do think about you I'm just struggling with being in isolation. I know I should see what happens and go with the flow but I just overthink. Any thoughts?
Mixed signals, advice needed?
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