Kissing after the first kiss?

Hey all, so I was wanting an opinion on something. I know everyone's experience will be different but for the sake of this discussion I'll describe a traditional scenario: A guy goes out with a girl he recently met on their 1st (or 2nd) date, they have a great time and there's chemistry. At the end of the night they have their first kiss and then she goes home. Now here is my question: what would you expect in kissing behavior from this point. I know this isn't a green light for the guy to practically maul the girl whenever he sees now lol. But I mean lets say the next time they see each other is on the next date. Would you expect them to greet each other with a kiss? Or would it be at some point in the actual date? Or close with a kiss again at the end? Or even what if the next time they see each isn't on a date but say at some point in school. What would you expect? I know experiences will be different but I think you get my question. What is kind of progression do you expect after the first kiss? Feel free to describe your experiences


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  • i have had my first kiss.. on the lips..

    well. we are about to break up ... and we did our first kiss.

    i don't know what really happened.. but.. after that..

    we have realized we should not break up..

    and the next day.. we ended up.. getting in our relationship again.

    it's like the kiss .. made our relationship strong. wow...

  • If she is your girlfriend, kiss her when ever you please. If she is not, and you've just been on dates together, I'd say close the next date with a kiss. That is of course, unless she shows signs of wanting to kiss you at a different time.


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