Girls, Does my ex still like me?

My ex and I have been broken up for 3 weeks now. Last night we went on a date to "catch up" - my idea.

She let me pick her up from home, we joked a lot over dinner, she kept playfully poking me like she used to when we were together, we threw straw paper at each other during dinner, she kept looking at me, teased me and we ended up having a really good time.

Only issue is, we kissed twice, but each time it was like she didn't really want to. At the end of our relationship she had started giving me these really gloomy kisses where we'd touch foreheads and she'd half-heartedly kiss me before pulling away (she claimed to be going through a depressive patch, and she is clinically depressed).

The first time we kissed (made-out) I put my hand on her leg, but she put her hand on mine to make sure I didn't go too far up, but she kissed me back. 2nd time was the gloomy kiss after she gave me a hug and I went in for a goodbye kiss.

I haven't heard from her today, but if she reaches out should I work on another date, or do we need more time apart for attraction to rebuild?
Girls, Does my ex still like me?
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