Why am I the unluckiest person?


So all the men that I’ve ever attracted were typically never good looking. I’m not a 10 by any means but I’m told I’m cute etc. I usually don’t attract good looking men, I attract good looking guys but they are either just bad company OR if they’re good looking, they’re my same height/only an inch taller. Why is it anytime I attract a decent looking guy they’re always the same height as me? Or am I unlucky? I just have preferences, I’m not an asshole.

To add to that, I don’t have any friends. I have online friends & don’t speak to anyone at my job. For most of my work & school environments, I always had one or two enemies. I am quiet so I don’t get why this happens to me, to add to this mess, I do not like my upstairs neighbor. I had one before and the new one is just as loud. I only have a few family members that I can speak to and somewhat trust, lastly, I have an elderly dog that can’t control when he needs to go to the bathroom.
You’re unlucky, your life sucks
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Why am I the unluckiest person?
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