I don't want to ruin this girl's first kiss, tips please!!!!

I'm not a world class kisser ladies and Ill admit it, I'm only in high school though. I'm dating a girl she has had only one boy friend before me and has never kissed and I wanna kiss her on our next date. I want to make it extra special and not ruin it for her. Any tips ladies? Please ladies and tip would be nice.

Our date by the way will hopefully be out doors under the stars. <3


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  • Just make it kinda funny.

    Cause when I was with a guy, our first kiss together was really memorable.. to me at least. He was sitting right across from me and he's like 'Do you know that today's international kiss someone day?' and I was like 'oh really?' and he kinda got me to kiss him first.. bht yeah. haha. Hope it kinda helped


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